Scaling up HIV interventions

YHDO is recipient of NFM3 grant from UNDP to implement HIV project in 3 provinces: Kunduz, Badkhshan and Balkh.

Target Group/Beneficiaries:
· People living with HIV (PLHIV);
· People who inject drugs (PWID) and their partners;
· Men with high risk behavior (MHRB);
· Women with high risk behavior (WHRB);
· Prisoners;
· Other vulnerable populations such as mobile populations in border areas.

1. Maintaining and scaling up prevention interventions among key population at high
risk, vulnerable groups and general population
2. Enhance HIV Testing and Counseling Services, sexually transmitted infections
management and Condom Promotion, HIV-tuberculosis collaboration, community based
prevention of mother-to-child transmission and safe blood transfusion
3. Implement revised anti-retro Viral Therapy Guidelines, expand Anti-retro Viral
centers, laboratory facilities and strengthen community based care and support